Diana Christinson

Author, Teacher, Founder, Inspirational Guide

Having experienced and witnessed the power of inspiration on people’s ability to grow and transform, Diana's years of living and teaching health practices has reaffirmed her belief that if we choose we can change, heal, and grow from the inside out.

"If you asked me today, ‘Who are you?’ I would respond with a grin on my face: ‘I am a lover of life and people.’ I see life as an adventure, and I believe that the hardships are as much a part of our journey as the joys.

I have experienced and witnessed the power of inspiration on people’s ability to grow and transform, and my years of living and teaching health practices have reaffirmed my belief that we can change, heal, and grow from the inside out."  

- Diana Christinson

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Online Courses 

Inspire Your Creative, Powerful Life with Diana Christinson


Join Diana Christinson for self-discovery and transformation as you focus in and expand upon each entry of this powerful book, Your Golden Journey.  Each course will include meditation and breath practice, study videos, daily application/homework, and inspiration from Diana.  This extended experience offers students a deeper opportunity for self study, reflection, and practices to incorporate the teachings into the moments of your life. These are courses you will use and return to for many years, and ones that will impact you for a lifetime.

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Your Golden Journey Book

A 45 day pilgrimage to personal transformation.

Take a personal inward journey guided by Diana Christinson, an expert with 30 years of experience living and teaching holistic practices that invite more presence and mindfulness into your daily life.


Your Golden Journey is a 45-day opportunity to spend 15 minutes connecting with your innermost self through daily reading, reflections and simple practices that will help you shift out of habitual thinking and doing, and create the life you want to live.

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The Golden Journey Journal


Diana has created the Your Golden Journey Journal as the perfect supplement to accompany her book, Your Golden Journey.


With additional inspirations and space to write down your observations and personal experiences along the way, the Journal supports your consistent daily read and reflection, keeping you engaged throughout your 45-day journey.

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I invite you to cultivate more peace, joy, and mindful presence into your life! 

Diana Christinson has been an inspirational teacher of holistic health for 30 years with a master’s in psychology. She has gathered a collection of some of her favorite teachings and distilled them into simple messages and practices that can transform your life. Weaving her time and studies in Asia with her passion for psychology and health sciences, yoga, breath, and meditation, she invites her readers on a powerful journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

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Enjoy FREE Tutorials and Practices with Diana to support your daily journey to joy and vibrant health.

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Diana's Books

Your Golden Journey Book and Golden Journey Journal and upcoming Love Big Inspires second edition.

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I'm loving the idea of a focused experience around readings, reflections, and practice, of letting this content percolate and take root. Diana - this experience has already been impactful. I’m looking forward to the golden road ahead!

Ryan L

As I read the daily teachings, so much resonates and the contemplations add a richness to my day.  I love that the teachings are so universal, widely applicable, practical, inspirational and personal.  Reading them is easy and enjoyable.

Ilene B

Day 21 is for me one of the most important readings...I believe I take experiences with me along my way (a metaphorical backpack) that allows me to become more and more of myself. Thank you for this reading, it really struck me in such a beautiful way and I will take it with me in my life's backpack.

Mindy B

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

Online Courses by Diana Christinson 

45-Week Your Golden Journey Course: The Extended Experience

Dive deeper into your journey with Diana’s 45-week Your Golden Journey Course.

Diana will guide you through a powerful course of self-discovery and transformation as you move through and focus on each entry over a week’s time. Expand your experience by studying each entry in greater depth and allow the journey to unfold throughout the year.

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45-Day Your Golden Journey Course:


Let Diana inspire and guide you through your 45-Day Golden Journey experience with a daily meditation, led gratitude practice and led breath practice. This course supports your reading experience and consistent Daily Golden Practice through weekly engagement and inspiration from the author. Learn and practice a variety of breath techniques and gratitude practices to deepen your understanding, strengthen your skills, and gain increased health benefits.



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FREE Tutorials and Practices

Enjoy FREE Tutorials and Practices with Diana to support your daily journey to joy and vibrant health.