Your Golden Journey is an opportunity to study these powerful teachings and to remind you that you are the star, writer, and hero or heroine of your life. While I love traveling, I have learned that you don’t have to go to foreign countries to have a transformative adventure; the true journey is within. Today, dear friends, both literature and life experience continue to inspire me to live life as an adventure. All the places, people, and experiences along your daily path are opportunities to awaken your inner golden self.”

- Diana Christinson


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Inspire Your Creative, Powerful Life with Diana Christinson


Join Diana Christinson for self-discovery and transformation as you focus in and expand upon each entry of this powerful book, Your Golden Journey.  Each course will include meditation and breath practice, study videos, daily application/homework, and inspiration from Diana.  This extended experience offers students a deeper opportunity for self study, reflection, and practices to incorporate the teachings into the moments of your life. These are courses you will use and return to for many years, and ones that will impact you for a lifetime.


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Your Golden Journey Book

A 45 day pilgrimage to personal transformation.

Take a personal inward journey guided by Diana Christinson, an expert with 30 years of experience living and teaching holistic practices that invite more presence and mindfulness into your daily life.

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The Golden Journey Journal


Diana has created the Your Golden Journey Journal as the perfect supplement to accompany her book, Your Golden Journey.

With additional inspirations and space to write down your observations and personal experiences along the way, the Journal supports your consistent daily read and reflection, keeping you engaged throughout your 45-day journey.

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Love Big Journal


Inspire Your Creative, Powerful Life 

by Diana L. Christinson


The Love Big Journal is an empty canvas, an opportunity for reflection, self expression, creativity, and a way to look inward for answers to challenges, to set goals for growth and to dream.

Second edition coming soon.

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