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From a young age, Diana Christinson has known her mission in life is to inspire people to live their lives to their highest and fullest potential. She studied Asian philosophy while living and working for two years in Japan and Thailand, with a goal of weaving together her passion for psychology and Eastern philosophy with holistic health modalities. Upon her return, she went on to earn her Master’s in Psychology before choosing to study yoga, breath, and meditation with master teachers in India during annual travel over the next 10 years. Diana has taught a traditional yoga lineage for 25 years and is a certified instructor in advanced breathing and cold exposure. She opened a yoga school in 2004 where she combines physical, energetic, and mindful practices inspired by her studies of philosophy, world religions, psychology and neurophysiology.


Taking her years of experience in psychology and her in-depth understanding of the mind-body connection, Diana creates inspirational programs she has shared through yoga and holistic health workshops, counseling with private clients, as a guest lecturer at universities and seminars, and internationally at health and wellness retreats. Having experienced and witnessed the power of inspiration on people’s ability to grow and transform, her years of living and teaching health practices has reaffirmed Diana’s belief that if we choose we can change, heal, and grow from the inside out. In Your Golden Journey, she shares a collection of some of her favorite teachings, practices, and tools to guide readers in discovering their most golden self within.

“I believe if you are thirsty for inspiration, you will find it. If you are willing and open to growth and change, this journey will transform you. I believe that life is a gift and an extraordinary adventure.”

- Diana Christinson


For three decades, Diana has been teaching transformative practices that guide people in self-study, shifting to become the best version of themselves, and creating the life they want to live. She envisioned sharing her work beyond the yoga and wellness community, to reach anyone seeking growth, change, less stress and greater peace. Now a published author, Diana looks forward to continuing putting her teachings to paper for readers from all walks of life.


Whether it’s yoga, breath work, meditation, self-study or gratitude, Diana is an expert at teaching students and clients effective holistic health practices to incorporate into their daily lives. With a background in psychology and a passion for philosophy, her extensive experience living and sharing her teachings have impacted so many individuals, couples, families, and community groups. Diana has brought her work beyond her yoga school to reach college students, parents, wellness groups, corporate groups, cancer survivors and their partners, people in recovery, and has impacted countless yoga teachers and students internationally through workshops and retreats. 



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Dog Lover

Always by Diana’s side and a part of every step of this book’s journey has been her two furry soul companions, Sasha and Tehya. From being there through years of developing teachings, to snuggling at her feet while writing and editing this book, these sweet rescue pups were an essential part of her team.

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